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Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack

A self-contained unit, the Hydraulic power pack is made up of 4 key elements that include a reservoir hydraulic pump, motor, gauges and valves.

Hydraulic power packs are essential in industries that require repeated force, as they generate massive amounts of flow and pressurised oil to drive hydraulic machinery.

The packs contain equipment such as:

S.N Hydraulic Power Pack Features:

Our Hydraulic power packs are designed with a world-class modular system that has integrated
various functions of valves.

Electric Motor or Engine

While our hydraulic power packs use both electric motors & internal combustion engines, they essentially have the same purpose in the system. Their modes of operations are different, this choice depends on the application, availability of a power source and mobility requirements.

Reservoir (Oil Tank)

Our reservoirs aren’t just built to hold sufficient fluid to supply the system’s varying needs, but they also have a large surface area to allow heat transfer from the fluid to the environment, precise volume to allow returning fluid to slow down from a high entrance velocity that enables heavier contaminants to settle, and much more.

Hydraulic Fluid

At S.N Hydraulics we do not compromise on quality, we use high-end hydraulic liquids that allow smooth transference of power to the machinery.


We ensure that there is no damage inflicted on the equipment hence the filters are used to remove any contaminants from the hydraulic fluid, allowing for smooth operation of the components.


Safeguarding your efficiency at peak demand by ensuring there is hydraulic energy stored in the accumulator that aids in smoothing out any fluctuations in the pressure and absorbing shocks.


The systems developed at S.N Hydraulics allow for the manifold to distribute hydraulic fluid to various components without a hick.

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