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Centrifuge Bag Lifting Device

Centrifuge Bag Lifting Device

Centrifuge Hydraulic Lifting DevicesIn a Bag Lifting type Centrifuge a chain pulley block and hoist is required to lift the bag out of the centrifuge and there are chances of product contamination in these devices, instead for a clean room application a specially designed hydraulic lifting device is used for lifting the basket top with filter bag along with solids after filtration. This arrangement consists of a central pillar with hydraulic ram movement inside the pillar attached to the lifting arm. These ram aides the movement of arm up and down with hydraulic power pack controlled through a control panel. After filtration the basket top cover with filter bag and solids are hooked to the arm of the bag lift arrangement to lift the bag vertically upwards and to turn around through its pillar center pivot point, mounted on bearings and the solids are unloaded. This system eliminates the usage of any chain pulley block.

Lifting Capacity

Manual & Motorized 360 Digree Rotation Available.

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