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Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder

S N Hydraulics is amongst the most sought-after and trusted brand names within the Industry. Our Hydraulic Cylinders have revolutionised the market with their unbeatable performance.

The hydraulic cylinders are meticulously designed by our industry-trained professionals. The hydraulic cylinders are mechanical actuators that utilise hydraulic fluid to generate linear motion and force. They then effectively convert the energy from fluid pressure into mechanical work that enables them to power various applications.

The hydraulic cylinders that are manufactured at SN Hydraulics are supplied to a wide range of industries and sectors.

Our product line consists of hydraulic cylinders such as :

SN Hydraulic Cylinder Application

Our hydraulic cylinders not only boast several key components of the application but also contribute to their exceptional performance.

The reliability and quality standards of our Hydraulic Cylinders remain unmatched, and we take pride in their durability in long-term performance.

SN Hydraulic Cylinders Features

Cylinder Barrel

Made of complete steel, the cylinder barrel is the body of the cylinder within which the piston moves back and forth.


The piston is a cylindrical component that separates the cylinder into two chambers. It is connected to a rod and moves inside the cylinder in response to changes in fluid pressure.

Rod (or Piston Rod)

Used for transmitting force, the rod attached to the piston extends outside the cylinder to generate power.


The hydraulic cylinders are manufactured with seals to ensure there isn’t hydraulic fluid leaking from the components.

Hydraulic Fluid

Not only does it provide lubrication to the moving parts, but it also helps fuel the force within the system.


Inlet and outlet ports

We Are Also Specially Manufacture

Both End Clevis Mount Cylinders

Tie Rod Construction Cylinders

Double Rod End Cylinders

Turnnion Mounting Cylinders

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